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3D Sketch




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Production Capacity & Quality Control


Our company has nearly 10,000 square meters of modern production workshop, equipped with multiple production lines, to ensure that each order will be delivered on time;

The introduction of advanced processing equipment, continuous optimization of the production technology, to ensure efficiency and quality double upgrade;


Professional technical team and strong R & D capability, product technology is at industry-leading level.

From the molding material, to the assembly debugging, each part is equipped with a highly skilled construction worker to control.


Using Imported high quality 304 stainless steel materials, all auxiliaries and accessories are selected domestic and international famous brands, to gurantee the whole beer system's quality and working lifetime.


All products is CAD computer-aided designed, comprehensive, fine, strict production process to ensure high quality products;

Production workshop using strict quality control standards, the concept of quality management throughout every step;

Every brewhouse will be tested before delivery, fermenter’s  pressure test will do 3 times, after passing inspection,then delivering the equipments;

Pressure test

​Inner and glycol jackets hydraulic

Inner and glycol jackets hydraulic pressure water test 2 bar.

Steam jacket hydraulic

Steam jacket hydraulic pressure test 4 bar

The brewhouse with pipeline connection

The brewhouse with pipeline connection have water and steam test by the engineering team before delivery.

Ship To Destination


The normal packages is wooden box. the wooden box will be after fumigated. If enter container the packages is too tighter, we may use PE film to wrapping the machine. or according customer special request.


As clients request , we could organize shipping by sea , truck,and train . That mean , FOB , FCA , CFR, CIF, CIP , DAP shipping terms is available .If you needed , we also could offer customs clearance services at destination.

Installation and commission


We will strictly follow the order details for production,timely communication with customers about equipment production schedules, and complete all preparations before packing and delivery


According to the requirements of customers, the company will send experiencedtechnicians to guide the installation and commissioning of the equipment, provide a variety of brewing formula of craft beer, and provide lifelong technical support.


After the equipment arrives at the customer's workshop, help the customer to do a good job of equipment acceptance,coordinate the installation and debugging of the machine, and ensure the normal operation of the customer's equipment.

Professional Services System

Recommending suitable equipment according to customer requirements; customized process flow drawing; to design site layout according to the customer work site; craft beer project cost-benefit analysis.

Guide customers to do site preparation work; to help customers handle the relevant business license procedures; help customers check and acceptance of the equipment, and coordinates delivery equipment.

Professional engineers free guide for installation; teach craft beer brewing technology; provide a variety of craft beer brewing recipe; supply of raw materials; lifetime technical support.

Equipment Maintenance

Keep the tank clean before and after brewing

Plate heat exchanger should be washed repeatedly after brewing

Don't idle the pump in beer equipment

For your business, our maintenance services can help you:

Ensure the continuous normal operation of the equipment

Reduce potential safety hazards

Continuous control of maintenance cost

World-wide Service Commitment

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