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Kombucha Secondary Fermentation Tank / Kombucha Finishing Tank Kombucha Secondary Fermentation Tank / Kombucha Finishing Tank


Meto Equipment can provide Kombucha Brewing Equipment: Design, Fabricate, Install. Kombucha is a delicious fermented beverage that, like beer, is fermented to achieve its final taste, but it is also very different from beer.

If you are interested in kombucha brewing or looking for professional kombucha brewing equipment, you can contact Meto engineer team for help.

Brand: METO

The secondary fermentation is an anaerobic process (“anaerobic” means “without oxygen”).

Meto's Concal Fermenter enable this process very well, closed, pressured, and with carbonation stone, which will increase the Fizzy taste (CO2) inside of the bucha.

During this period, you’ve removed the SCOBY, and now the only things that are working are the yeasts and bacteria in the kombucha tea. The yeasts and bacteria continue to process the sugars, but this time, without oxygen, they turn the sugars into CO2 and alcohol.

Meto Kombucha Brewing Equipment details is strictly in accordance with the requirements of the drawings, Customer's requirement, International QC Standards.

High standards require ourselves to complete the production process with high efficiency.

  • Side or Top Manway

  • CIP Spray Ball

  • Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve

  • Sample Valve

  • Thermowell for Temperature Sensor

  • Level Gauge

  • Cooling Jacket Sections

  • PU-Foam Insulation

  • Material, 304 Stainless Steel

  • Outside Finish, 2B

  • Inside Finish 0.2-0.4 μm

  • Picked and Passivated Surface and Seam

Other Optional Equipments:

 > Brewing Kettle

 > Scoby Hotel

 > Flavoring Tank

 > CIP Chart

 > RO Water Treatment Machine

 > Filtration Machine

 > Bottling Machine

 > Kegging Machine

And if you need special equipment, contact us. Our engineers, designers and master craftsmen are up to the challenge. So no matter what you need, you won’t find higher quality kombucha brewing equipment than that produced by Meto.

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