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How to brew Mango Maya Milkshake IPA ?

Apr 12, 2021 115 Lily

Fruit beer is so popular and welcomed by many beer lovers. Here share the Mango Maya Milkshake IPA recipe for your reference. You can test the recipe by your homebrewery:)

Rusty Burrell’s Mango Maya Milkshake IPA won the annual Stone Homebrew Competition & AHA Rally in November 2018.

 The beer was a crowd favorite during the people’s-choice-style vote, and the Stone team recently replicated Rusty’s recipe at Stone World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station. The beer has been on tap in San Diego and Richmond, VA, for several weeks, but it won’t last long! It was also entered into the coveted Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am Competition in 2019.

“The recipe is inspired by a strawberry milkshake IPA that my fellow beer nerd brother-in-law shared with me from Tired Hands Brewing Co. I was blown away by it. Throughout the ensuing months, I drafted up several milkshake IPA recipes using different fruits such as strawberry, blueberry, and peach. My daughter Maya’s first birthday was approaching, and my brother-in-law was coming to town for the event; so I knew I had to nail a good milkshake IPA to showcase my skills for him and the rest of the family for the celebration. 

‘Mango Maya’ was the result—mango milkshake IPA with coconut. It was a hit at the party, so I entered it into the Stone Homebrew Competition and won!

“The tropical mango and coconut combination paired with the vanilla and lactose makes for a tasty brew. The hops come through just enough to let you know they are there, but not as much as you’d expect for the amount of hops in the recipe. I’ve been able to serve this to many folks who’ve said they don’t prefer IPA, or even beer in general!”



India Pale Ale


5 US Gallons (18.9L)















1. 9lb (4.08kg) pale 2-row malt

2. 21 lb (907g) oat malt

3. 21 lb (907g) flaked oats

4. 21 lb (907g) wheat malt

5. 1 lb (454g) honey malt

6. 1 lb (454g) lactose (milk sugar)

7. 61lb (2.72Kg)mango (late addition)


1. 0.75 oz(21g) Warrior pellet hops,@40min

2. 0.3 oz(9g) Warrior pellet hops,@30min

3. 3 oz(85g)Citra pellet hops,@0min

4. 3 oz(85g)Mosaic pellet hops,@0min

5. 3 oz(85g)Citra pellet hops,@dry hop,3days

6. 3 oz(85g)Mosaic pellet hops,@dry hop,3days

Additional Ingredients

1. Yeast: RVA 132 Manchester (or London Aleequivalent)

2. 1 vanilla bean in secondary

3. 8oz(227g) flaked coconut in secondary


Standard infusion mash at 152°F 667℃)for 60 minutes and batch sparge.

Adjunct addition notes:

1. Lactose can be added at flameout.

2. For the mango, plan to add after high krausen. I buy frozen mango chunks, thaw at room temperature, and then blend into puree.

3. Vanilla bean should be prepared in a tincture: split and scrape the bean(s),add to a small glass, and top with very small amount of vodka (enough to cover the scraped bean and filling .)

Once fermentation is complete, cold crash for 24 hours and then package.

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