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UL Certificate of Control Panel

Apr 12, 2021 108 Loda

One of USA client has built a 3 bbl 3 vessel system and have some questions about the control panel.

The kettle and hlt both have 4x2” tc ports for elements. he plans on using 4x5500w elements In the kettle and hlt. 3 phase is not an option in our location.

He has built a control panel in the past on his homebrew system without have to worry about inspectors.

But current he has read every topic in the electric brewing section and it seems that UL listing is a fuzzy subject. He is confident that he can build the panel but unsure if it will be passed by the inspector due to the fact that he won’t be building it in, nor having it inspected by, a UL listed shop unless absolutely necessary.

From what he can tell, I can build a panel with UL listed parts for about half the price of a pre fabricated panel.

As our experience, we have 2 suggestions for him:

1.Best person to ask would be your inspector. Sit down with him/her and go over your plans. Different cities require different rules.

2.Build your panel and do not install it till after inspection.

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