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Does the Lauter tank need a heating system?

At present, the American-style saccharification process is almost all directly fed in the lauter tank, directly heating up the saccharification, which is simple and practical, shorten the saccharification operation time and avoid the oxidation caused by pouring the mash. (It is recommended to choose below 2000L)

What is the difference between the 1:1 configuration and the 1:2 configuration? Will affect the quality of beer?

From an investment point of view, the 1:2 equipment is more cost-effective, but the beer masters who operate the equipment for a long time still prefer the 1:1 configuration, which is simple and convenient, and it is a bit tiring to brewing twice per day.

CIP system or mobile pump, which to choose?

Mobile pumps can be used for equipment below 500L.

It is recommended to choose a CIP system for equipment above 500L. The equipment uses a lot of alkaline water and the alkaline water can be recycled. In addition, when brewing and tank washing on the same day, the benefits of CIP system will be revealed.

How to calculate the daily output? How many fermenters needed?

Usually, the equipment models such as 300L and 500L, are only for brewhouse capacity, and the wort daily output is 300L and 500L. How much beer is produced depends on your fermentation period and the quality of fermenters. For example, if your fermentation process is 12 days and you choose 12 fermenters, then you will produce one tank per day. If you use 6 fermenters, the average daily output will be half tank.

How to choose the fermentation tank manhole,side or Top?

Fermentation tanks with side manhole are more expensive than top manhole. It is more convenient to open the manholes to observe the interior (Considering safety, it's better to choose side manhole on 2000L or bigger tanks). Meanwhile, side manhole tanks looks more beautiful , which is suitable for pubs, bars and hotels etc...

In terms of craftsmanship and practicality, top manhole is more suggested because of good thermal insulation performance.

Which type control system should be used?

At present, most buyers choose manual saccharification and automatic fermentation control. In the mashing control, the wort pump must be controlled by frequency conversion to facilitate the control of the pump flow and prolong the service life. Fermentation automatic control is divided into PLC + man-machine interface control and digital display form tank single control control.


If considering the high cost performance, choose digital display meter control,  the stability is not easily disturbed. Of course, the digital display meter must be used well, otherwise the temperature difference is too large, and the failure rate is high;


If you consider the high quality and save trouble, you can choose PLC control. The cost will be higher and the operation is more convenient. It is recommended to choose the mature and stable Siemens S7-200 series PLC, and its effect is good.

Outdoor exhaust or indoor exhaust, which is better?

Outdoor exhaust system is the most common method, and the effect is better.

If the equipment is placed near the middle of the room and the outdoor exhaust pipe is too long, an indoor exhaust system can be used, but the evaporation should be considered, and forced ventilation and cooling systems should be used.

Side or bottom of the spent grain discharge door, which is better?

The equipment below 2000L is recommended to have a side door, which is simple and practical.

For equipment above 2000L, it is best to choose the bottom door to save manpower.

Top or bottom stirring on brewhouse, which is better?

The equipment below 2000L is recommended to be upper stirred. The failure rate is low, and no leakage risk.

Equipment above 2000L can only use bottom stirring.

Electric/Gas/Diesel Boiler,Which one is better?

At present, there are three types of steam boilers: Electric steam boiler, Natural gas steam boiler, and Diesel steam boiler. The selection of these three steam generators depends on your site and power configuration.

  • If the electric power is sufficient, it is recommended to use an electric steam boiler, which has a low failure rate.

  • If the electricity is not enough, use natural gas, because the cost of natural gas is low and there is no smoke emission after combustion.

  • If there is no natural gas connection, only a diesel steam boiler can be used. It is recommended that the suburbs can use it if there is a slight smoke after combustion.

  • If it is a bar, it is recommended to use an electric steam generator directly, because the laying of industrial natural gas pipelines requires additional costs;

  • If it is a brewery plant, natural gas steam boiler is recommended. In industrial production, the cost is very important - the overall cost of the natural gas steam generator is the lowest.


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